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How can you contact Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service?

Hawaiian Airlines, which maintains a base there, is the largest airline in Hawaii. Major local and international places are served by it. It is commendable that the airline that uses Honolulu International Airport as its main hub provides world-class services to its passengers. In recent years, particularly in 2015, the airline won awards for "Best Food" and "Best Domestic Airline." It received recognition for "Best Customer Service" in 2016.
However, there may be instances in which you would prefer to chat with a live person at Hawaiian Airlines. Because of this, AirlineSupports has committed its website to give you details about Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service Numbers.
There are several ways for you to get in touch with Hawaiian Airlines customer support agents, including:
To speak with a live person, you may either call the Hawaiian Airlines phone number or use the live chat feature on the airline's website. Send the airline your issues and questions at their place of business via email, social media, or physical mail.

What kind of help can you get from a Hawaiian Airlines customer support executive?

  • Information about making a Hawaiian Airlines flight reservation.
  • Looking for deals, rebates, or other unique incentives.
  • Get answers to any questions you may have about the infant, luggage, and pet policies.
  • Be aware of the restrictions on checked baggage and the cost of additional bags.
  • Ask for assistance while making a flight reservation.
  • Become familiar with online flight check-in.
  • Upgrade to a better cabin class for your seats.
  • Know how to request a refund and rebook a flight.

How do I speak to a live person at Hawaiian Airlines?

Calling +1 800 367-5320 will connect you to Hawaiian Airlines customer support at any time of the day. They will respond to your inquiries as soon as they can.
When you call this number, an IVR will connect you and ask you what language and topic of conversation you like when you choose option 1. Options include seat upgrades, policy information, the ability to add or remove any travel dates, and reservation help. After that, a genuine Hawaiian Airlines agent will be assigned to you, who you can contact if you have any questions or need help.
The other relevant Hawaiian Airlines Phone numbers are:
  • Customer support number for Central Baggage Service: 1-866-389-6654
  • Customer support number in New Zealand: 0800 449 415
  • The Hawaiian Airlines Customer service number for vacation packages is +1 844 762-0089 (US & Canada only) All other locations are +1 312 279-7761
Or you can Text the Hawaiian Airlines customer support number at 38285 between 5 am – 11 pm HST (Hawaiian Standard Time)

How do I connect with a live agent at Hawaiian Airlines?

There are a few alternatives to calling Hawaiian Airlines customer service if you want to interact with a live person and receive support.
On the airline's official website, select "Menu" at the top and then scroll down to "Contact Us." By selecting that choice, you'll be directed to a new page where you can contact a live Hawaiian Airlines representative through a number of methods. It is important to know that chat representatives are available 24/7. By clicking on them, you can get the airline's email, social media, and chat contact information.

Email Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service

On the same "Contact Us" page where that option is offered, you can send the airline an email with your worries and inquiries. Within a few business days, an expert will answer all of your question. Instead, you can submit a complaint form with your questions. You can email the airline with any questions or complaints, and they will respond to you as soon as possible.
Social Media Platforms
The airline can be reached via social media channels. At the bottom of the airline's website are icons for the most popular social networking sites. To ask the airline a question on Facebook or Twitter, click on them.
It should be noted, nevertheless, that contacting a Hawaiian Airlines live representative by phone or live chat usually takes less time than doing so by email or social media. Additionally, you can complete a feedback form and submit it to the airline with your complaints and feedback.
Send a mail to Hawaiian Airlines customer service for assistance
You may always call Hawaiian Airlines Customer Support with any questions or concerns, but if you'd like, you can also send the airline a letter. Within a few business days, the airline will get back to you. You can mail them to the following location because it is where they are located:
Hawaiian Airlines,
P.O. Box 30008,
Honolulu, HI 96820

FAQs about Hawaiian Airlines customer service

Can I contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service at any time of the day?
You can get support from the airline by calling Hawaiian Airlines Customer service number 24*7.
Is there a specific number to text Hawaiian Airlines?
Yes, you can text Hawaiian Airlines at 328285 between 5 am to 11 am HST (Hawaiian Standard Time).
Can I cancel my flight by calling Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service?
You can make a reservation, change your flights, and even cancel your flights by calling Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service.
What is the Hawaiian Air Cargo number?
The Hawaiian Air Cargo number is 1-877-HA-CARGO (422-2746) from Monday to Friday.
If I have lost or damaged baggage, whom should I call?
You can call the airline’s customer service or send an email to:


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