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Is Aeroflot safe to fly?

The national airline of Russia and the largest in the nation is Aeroflot Airlines. Aeroflot is one of the world's oldest continually operating airlines and was established in 1923. Aeroflot's primary hub is located in Moscow's Central Administrative Okrug at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Customers can use it to go to various domestic sites, including 146 locations throughout 52 foreign countries as well as local Russian locations.
Now there could be a question lurking deep inside your head, “Is Aeroflot safe to fly?” in such a controversial and perilous situation by contacting the Aeroflot Airline customer service. This article tends to clear out all the details about the safety of Aeroflot Airlines.

Flight and transportation safety and security

In accordance with the Continuous Monitoring Approach of the Universal Security Audit Program, Aeroflot took part in the scheduled audit of the Russian Federation in 2019. (USAP-CMA). The excellent degree of aviation security at PJSC Aeroflot was acknowledged in the ICAO audit findings as being in line with best practices around the world.
Through coordination with airport security services, Aeroflot Airline Customer Service, airlines, and law enforcement agencies, Aeroflot has put measures in place to ensure a high level of aviation and transportation security, as well as passenger and crew health and safety.
An automated method for managing aviation security is still being developed by the company. Information regarding the state of the aviation security system in real-time is accessible to authorized Aeroflot Airline customer service. The system aids in keeping track of adherence to the requirements provided by the airline's security program, suggested ICAO and IATA standards, and national legal frameworks of airport destinations.
The canine service, a biotechnological system for routinely monitoring the security of infrastructure sites and transportation, was still being developed by Aeroflot. To find bombs and explosive devices, the biotechnical system conducts olfactory monitoring of Sheremetyevo airport facilities. International airport canine handlers and ICAO specialists are very interested in these additional security measures utilizing trained dogs and Aeroflot Airline reservation services' new advances in this field.
The Company actively contributes to the creation of Russian laws governing aviation and transportation security. Both the Inter-Agency Working Group on Transportation Security Equipment Certification and the Inter-Agency Working Group on Aligning Aviation and Transportation Security Regulations, which were founded by the Russian Ministry of Transport, have Aeroflot Airline customer service.
The specialists from the company kept up their long-standing participation in the SkyTeam Aviation Security Functional Experts (ASFE) group. The representatives of Aeroflot in ASFE have been in charge of the program to share the experience of handling disruptive and obnoxious passenger events for many years.

Automatic cancellation of Aeroflot flight tickets

When you book flights using Aeroflot Airline reservation services, you have the option to cancel the flights without paying anything so you can change your flights when you change your mind by contacting Aeroflot Airline Customer Service. If you don't pay for your ticket after making a reservation or choose to cancel it before the deadline, the airline's online system will automatically cancel your booking in accordance with the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation policy.
Unless Aeroflot PJSC receives notification that a passenger has terminated or changed the air carriage agreement and canceled the reservation in accordance with the air carriage agreement prior to the check-in window closing or before boarding, a passenger is considered to be a no-show if they fail to check in for a flight that is specified on their ticket or if they do so but do not board within the allotted time (if the passenger has checked in for the flight but has not shown up for boarding).

Aeroflot Airlines safety

The fleet flying hours to the number of aviation incidents (taking into consideration their total flight safety impact) ratio is used to determine the flight safety level.
Aeroflot Group's flight safety index for 2019 was 99.26%, easily falling within the 99.0% to 99.9% typical range for this statistic. Aeroflot Airlines' flight safety index fell short of the 2019 goal (99.57%) at 98.92%.
The 5 May 2019 aviation incident involving SSJ 100 aircraft, which also had an impact on the Group's indicator of flight safety level, was the cause of the lower 2019 indicator for Aeroflot airline compared to 2015–2018.
Fewer irregularities were reported during EU SAFA ramp inspections (conducted by ECAC inspectors under the SAFA program in Europe), reflecting Aeroflot Group's successful efforts in this area. As a result, the Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) ratio improved in 2019 compared to prior years, down to 0.17 for Aeroflot Group and 0.27 for Aeroflot Airlines.
The SAFA ratio for the Group firms is below the Blacklist cutoff (Ratio 2) and complies with EU regulations as well as the Company's target ratios (Ratio 0.95). Since Aurora Airlines did not offer flights to Europe, the firm was not subject to any SAFA program inspections.
Aeroflot Airlines reservation services conducted regular inquiries in 2019, which includes:
  • In 2019, PJSC Aeroflot checked the fleet of the Aeroflot Group for conformity with SAFA ramp inspection guidelines using the IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP). This involved checking out the planes, the safety gear, and the onboard records.
  • Sheremetyevo Airport apron inspections, as well as quality checks on ground support and maintenance
  • Checking the airport's readiness for ground handling and maintenance in relation to the start of new scheduled flights; checking the airports covered by the airline's route network and representative offices; checking the Sheremetyevo Airport's airfield every day for measures to control bird activity; checking the equipment used for wildlife management; and using.
Aeroflot's capacity to conduct safe commercial flights in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations was confirmed by inspections carried out by the Federal Air Transport Agency and Federal Service for Supervision of Transport (Rostransnadzor) commissions.
The Safety Management Committee of PJSC Aeroflot is crucial to managing flight safety. The Committee's primary duties include risk analysis, the creation of measures to meet flight safety goals, and the avoidance of aviation incidents. The operational hazards analysis was followed by recommendations, mitigation plans, and the capacity expansion of the Flight Safety Risk Manager IT system as part of the development measures for the flight safety management system in 2019.
The voluntary reporting system at PJSC Aeroflot is constantly being improved. Employees can submit reports under the program on the Voluntary Reporting part of the Company's intranet. All reports are examined and processed, and when appropriate, corrective action is developed.
The business uses cutting-edge technology to enhance flight safety management. In 2019, a research project was started to investigate the viability of developing a predictive model of the likelihood of aviation incidents under particular flying circumstances. A review of potential methods for applying machine learning to the prediction of aircraft events was included in the study, along with the search for and analysis of internal and external data on aviation mishaps.
Aeroflot actively participates in industry efforts to improve flight safety and aviation security. For instance, in 2019 Aeroflot took part in a discussion about the Civil Aviation Flight Safety Program project at the Federal Air Transport Agency.

How do I contact Aeroflot Airline customer service?

The following techniques can be used to contact Aeroflot Airline customer service whenever you wish to:
You can call them at +1-888-826-0067 whenever you want as the customer support team is available to assist you 24*7 regarding your Aeroflot flight booking.
You can contact them by email at for lost luggage and you can get a response from Aeroflot Airline customer service.

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